4Gb SD Memory Card

4Gb SD Memory Card

4Gb SD Memory Card
beware : Most of the HP PDAs do not support more than 2Gb.
buy this 4gb SD card if you are intending to use with other

Compatible with below HP iPAQ PDA
HP iPAQ rz1700 Pocket PC series rz1710, rz1715,rz1717

HP iPAQ h4100 Pocket PC series h4150, h4155

HP iPAQ h6300 Pocket PC series h6315, h6320, h6325, h6340, h6365

HP iPAQ hx2000 Pocket PC series
hx2190 series - hx2190b, hx2195b
hx2100 series - hx2110, hx2115, hx2141s
hx2400 series - hx2490b, hx2495b, hx2410,hx2415
hx2700 series - hx2790b, hx2795b, hx2750, hx2755

HP iPAQ hx4700 Pocket PC series hx4700, hx 4705

HP iPAQ rx4000 Mobile Media Companion series
rx4200, rx4240, rx4500, rx4540

HP iPAQ rx5000 Travel Companion series
rx5700, rx5720, rx5725, rx5730, rx5765, rx5770, rx5775, rx5780
rx5900, rx5910, rx5915, rx5930, rx5940, rx5965

HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger series
hw6515 series - hw6515a, hw6515b, hw6515c, hw6515d, hw6515f
no camera - hw6510, hw6510a, hw6510b, hw6510c, hw6510d, hw6510g
HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger series hw6910, hw6920, hw6940
hw6950, hw6915, hw6965, hw6955, hw6945, hw6925

HP iPAQ h5100 Pocket PC series h5150
HP iPAQ h5400 Pocket PC series h5450, h5455
HP iPAQ h5500 Pocket PC series h5550, h5555

HP iPAQ 110 Classic Handheld series 110, 111, 112, 114, 116
HP iPAQ 210 Classic Handheld series 210, 211, 212, 214, 216
HP iPAQ 310 Travel Companion series 310, 312, 314, 316, 318

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